Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Superintendent's Notes

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year in Maynard.  I am excited about the upcoming year.  The  physical improvements to our campus can be seen in the renovations to the Green Meadow Playground.  A major programs initiative is our expansion of Computer Science at the Maynard High School a year sooner than we had planned.  But I am most excited by our outstanding veteran and new staff. 
As we have been hiring positions that are difficult to fill, I have been making courtesy calls to my colleagues in other districts.  They have shared that they are also in the process of filling the more difficult positions to staff.  There have been some discussions at the School Committee level about some very specific staffing that I would like to take the time to share with you in this blog.

New Green Meadow and Fowler Administrative Staffing

I would like to thank the screening committee for their help in filing the new administrative position.  The candidates that I met for the final round of interviews were highly qualified.  While I was impressed with all of the finalists, one stood out as the best fit for Green Meadow. 

I am pleased to introduce you to Mary Beth Shea.  She is an experienced administrator having been a principal and assistant principal in previous districts.  Her prior knowledge and skills around social emotional learning and her experience with PBIS make her exceptionally qualified to be the Green Meadow principal of leadership and operations. 

The new model of administrative staffing at Green Meadow and the Fowler School will include:

·         A 1.0 Fowler building principal for leadership and operations - Sharon Seyller
·         A 1.0 Green Meadow building principal for leadership and operations - Mary Beth Shea
·         A .5 Fowler/.5 Green Meadow building principal for curriculum, instruction, and assessment - Donna Dankner

I want to thank the School Committee and the school community for trusting and approving our new model of leadership at Green Meadow.  I truly believe that this leadership model will move our school district forward academically and social emotionally at a much faster and more efficient rate!

New Nurses for Green Meadow and Fowler

There were some concerns raised that we would have day to day substitute nurses for the upcoming year.  I am pleased to announce that the two new nurses we have hired are highly qualified, full time nurses for the 2017-2018 school year.   

Kathleen Souleotis will be the nurse at the Green Meadow School.  She is a registered nurse with over 20 experience years working in the community with children and families. She has 2 children and enjoys biking, skiing and gardening.  Her hope is to bring humor, compassion, and a high level of care to the students at Green Meadow School.  As a nearby resident of Chelmsford, She is excited to work with students and families in Maynard.

Karen Allway will be the nurse at the Fowler School.  She has a background in business and nursing.  She worked in acute care for 10 years prior to her experience in school nursing.  She has twins in college and enjoys exercise, karate, and loves animals.  She is a a strong advocate for the health and welfare of children so they can achieve academic success.

I am so glad that we have such talented veteran and new nurses in Maynard as health, wellness, and safety are priorities in the Maynard Public Schools.

Important Events and Reminders:    
In an effort to streamline the Superintendent’s Notes, I will provide important upcoming events or announcements that have already been posted in previous Superintendent’s Notes in this section.

Maynard Public Schools Summer Read

Maynard Public Schools is proud to announce our annual summer read.  Teachers, administrators and School Committee members hope you will join them in reading Lost at School By Ross Greene, PhD. 

Based on the premise that all kids do well if they can, Dr. Greene proposes a collaborative approach to solving behavioral challenges and helping students .  As he states, "if we handle kids with power and control, that's what we get back.  What happens if collaborate with them --as partners-- instead?"  

The Maynard Public Schools will be donating several copies of this book to the Maynard Library to provide community access to the book this summer.  The School Committee will host a community discussion on October 5, 2017 at 7:30 PM.   Please join us in reading Lost at School! 

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