Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Superintendents Special Notice

Dear Maynard Community,

The Maynard Police Department responded to concerns that there were syringes/needles in the woods near the student parking lot at Maynard High School.  Syringes/needles can be dangerous as they may infect someone who accidentally pinches their skin by stepping on, or grabbing them.  Fortunately, the syringes/needles that were found in the woods were capped.  As always, the Maynard Police Department and School Department work closely together on health and safety issues on the Maynard Public Schools Campus. 

If you would like more information on syringe/needle injuries you can look at the following websites:

Parents may want to share this information with their children to prepare them if they ever see a syringe or needle in an unusual place.  We strongly recommend that the public call the Police Department when they suspect that there are syringes/needles in a place that they should not be. 

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