Thursday, May 5, 2016

Superintendents Fowler Principal Message

The New Fowler Principal has been hired!

I would like to begin this announcement with thanks to so many important people for their part in helping me to make such an important decision.  Thank you to the School Committee.  They volunteer so many hours in addition to the evenings spent at school committee meetings and they were in attendance at the Teacher Parent Forum in their dual role as parents as well as elected officials.  Thank you to the staff and community members who participated on the volunteer screening committee.  Serving your community takes on many forms and this hiring decision is important for the continuity of our outstanding school system.  Finally, thank you for all the staff that participated on the screening committee, others who came to the evening forum, and still others who are friends and just emailed me or called me with their opinions.  All of the participants at the forum asked articulate questions and the feedback was extremely helpful to me on such a difficult decision.

The new Maynard Fowler School Principal is Sharon Seyller.  Sharon has been the Principal of the Fuller Middle School in Framingham Massachusetts since August 2013.  Her experience includes three years as Assistant Principal of the Fowler School in Maynard, three years as Assistant Principal and Acting Principal in Scituate, a year as Dean of Students at the middle school in Norwood, and sixteen years as a guidance counselor in Sharon, Wellesly, Pembroke, and Merrimack, New Hampshire.  Ms. Seyler, a Natick resident, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Notre Dame College in Manchester, New Hampshire, a Master of Education degree from Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine.

When Sharon and I worked together in my first two years in Maynard, I was always impressed by Sharon's work ethic and intellect.  Through my individual interview and the Teacher Parent Forum, I also discovered the leadership she has developed and the innovation that she has implemented in Framingham as a principal.  Her expertise on the Fuller STEAM initiative and project based learning align closely with the direction our strategic planning is leading us.  I am so excited that Sharon Seyller will be joining our school community.

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