Friday, April 19, 2013

Superintendent's Notes

Support for Maynard Community In Regard To Patriots Day And Related Events                         

Our thoughts continue to be with the Patriot Day victims, their family, and friends as we learn more and more about this tragic event.  Unfortunately, the ongoing investigation has significantly impacted our state capital and neighboring communities today.  

This week long process toward justice has prolonged the media coverage and raised additional questions for our children and students.  After the Newtown incident we had provided a link to a National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) article titled “Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers” at and it should be helpful for parents and teachers in regard to the events of this week.  The NASP has an article titled “Children and Fear of War and Terrorism” at which is an additional resource that may be even more relevant this week.

The Maynard Leadership Team (MLT) is preparing to have staff available Monday morning for anyone in need.  If you or someone you know requires assistance please call one of the schools on Monday morning and share this information with one of our principals so that they can have someone available for support.

If there is any consolation in the activities today, our national and state leaders have committed resources and are closer to finding justice in regard to this horrible act of violence.

Busing For The 2013-2013 School Year (FY14)                                                                                    

Last year the School Committee approved money in this year’s FY13 budget to arrange a fifth bus This was done in an effort accommodate the number of families who needed or wanted their children to ride the bus to/from school.  Unfortunately, this additional expense was for this school year only, and with the challenges we face with next year’s school system budget, it would be difficult to provide a fifth bus for the upcoming school year

At last Thursday evening's meeting, the School Committee voted to go back to four buses for FY14.  In order to provide the same amount of service currently provided with five buses, the administration set separate start times for MHS (7:45), Fowler (8:05), and GM (8:30) starting next fall.  Start times are currently 7:45 for MHS and Fowler, and 8:20 for GM.)  The primary reason for this change is to enable the school system to continue to provide the same amount of bus seats to accommodate children who need or want to ride the bus to/from school, while doing so at a reduced cost that fits into the school system budget.

In addition, this new arrangement will allow the school system to achieve two other goals.  First, for parents who had expressed concern about the Fowler and MHS aged students being on the same bus, this new arrangement will eliminate that concern.  Second, we are also looking into how much demand and costs, if any, there would be for a “late bus” that would serve children who participate in after-school activities at MHS and Fowler but would like to ride a bus home.  A number of parents have requested a “late bus” arrangement, so if you would like to see a “late bus” arranged, starting next school year, please notify your school’s principal.

Important Events And Deadline Reminders                                                                                          

In an effort to streamline these notes, I will remind the Superintendent’s Notes readers of important upcoming events with a reference to the blog where more information can be found.

Maynard Music Association at Fowler Scholarships-
Forms are due to Mr. Brisson by Friday, April 26th, 2013.
Details in the Thursday April 11, 2013 Posting.

Mass Bay Community College Get Ready for College Information and Barbecue-
Saturday, April 27 2013 at 50 Oakland Street, Wellesley Hills, MA from12:00 to 4:00pm,
Details in the Thursday April 11, 2013 Posting.

SEPAC Presentation on Promoting Social Skills-                                                                        
Monday, May 6, 2013 at The Fowler School Library, 3 Tiger Drive, Maynard from 7:00 to 8:45 pm. Details in the Thursday April 11, 2013 Posting.

Maynard High School "LAST DANCE"-                                                                                      Saturday, June 15, 2013, 6:30 - 11 PM at Maynard High School, 1 TigerDrive.                           Details in the Thursday April 11, 2013 Posting. 
Exterior Pesticide Spraying at Maynard High School, Fowler School and Green Meadow School-
This will take place during the spring season.
Details in the Thursday April 11, 2013 Posting.

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