Monday, December 17, 2012

This Morning and this Afternoon


This has been a challenging day for several reasons.  The freezing rain complicated morning travel to the schools, and the tragedy in Connecticut last week had ramifications on how we would support our students, parents, staff, and community.

This morning, the call for a delay of school was compounded by Mother Nature changing things up at the worst time. The DPW was out on the roads in the early morning hours and had treated all of the surfaces. They and determined that the roads and walkways were passable at 5:30 in the morning when the call to cancel or not cancel is usually made. Sometime around 6:00 AM the temperature dropped enough to cause additional freezing in Maynard. Unfortunately the schools only have ice melt and the wet ground can refreeze.  Out of respect for parent schedules, I do not like to call after 6:00 AM and as a result we started school at the regular time.

This afternoon at 3:00PM, a Parent/Community Forum was held to provide information about Maynard School Security and Safety Protocols.  I was pleased that the following colleagues attended to support the presentation and answering of questions.  The Assistant Town Administrator/EMA Director Kevin Sweet, Fire Chief Stowers, Police Chief Dubois, Lt. Dawson, Juvenile Detective Duggan, Principal Dankner, Principal Mela, Principal Caragianes and School Adjustment Counselor Cecilia Tatem Small where all standing near the podium.  There were many other concerned staff in the audience for support as well and I wish I could recognize all of them in this brief summary.

At the forum, our School Adjustment counselor provided literature for parents that explain how to have difficult conversations with our children.   The principals described what preventative measures are currently in place in our schools.  Detective Duggan and I described many of the coordinated town wide efforts between the schools, fire, police and town emergency management officials.  At the end of the presentation, we all answered many excellent questions from the audience.  In an effort to provide multiple opportunities for communication. I explained that I would take notes on the questions and answers and would post them as a Q&A for those who could not attend.  I have written my first draft of the Q&A's but will wait to post them until I have them proof read by the other contributors.  Finally,  the School Committee has suggested that we schedule another presentation to be done at the next available School Committee meeting in an effort to have a night venue for these discussions to take place.

I hope that this information has been helpful and will get the Q&A's up on the blog ASAP.
Bob Gerardi

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  1. Dr. Gerardi,

    I would like to thank you, your staff, The Police, Fire, and town officials for coming together and holding this meeting so quickly. As you could see from the multitude of questions asked, it was something that was needed in light of the tragedy in CT.

    Tim O'Neil