Friday, December 14, 2012

I would like to assure you that the Maynard Public Schools Support Staff will be ready for students who may need more time to process these events as they come to school on Monday.  The tragedy in Connecticut has been difficult for all of us. It is hard for adults to understand why these events happen which makes it tough for us to help our children and loved ones understand it as well.
As educators, parents, and guardians, we realize that we need to help our children understand violence, safety, and security. I have been receiving good information from the Maynard Public Schools Support Staff that I would like to share with all of you.
The first is a link to a 5 minute video about talking in general with children about tragedy.
The second is a link to the National Association of School psychologist:
On that web site in the center of the page yuou will see a list of NASP Resources.  The first resource will be tips for parents and teachers about to talk about violence. 
Over the weekend, I will be using this information to talk with my children about the tragedy in Connecticut and I hope this will be helpful to you.
Bob Gerardi

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