Friday, October 19, 2012

Please read page A 9 in the current Beacon Villager!

 Jean LaBelle, the Maynard High School Economics Teacher, had her students write letters to the editor about their views on the national dept and deficit.  The editor published it on Page A-9 as a story titled “The Newest Voters: Students speak out on deficit, tax cuts, social security". 

I am so proud of our school community to have teachers and students getting published on a topic of such importance.  This article really provides insight as to how the next generation feels about our economy.  They will be the problem solvers of our future so it is good that they are articulating their concerns so well at such an early age. I know that we have focused a lot of energy on preparing our students to be good writers and this article is just one more demonstration of the academic success in Maynard Public Schools!

Bob Gerardi

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