Friday, September 14, 2012

Important Transportation Notice:

As a necessary result of the construction of the new Maynard High School, Tiger Drive will be closed starting Monday. This will affect traffic flow with all 3 schools.

At yesterday's construction meeting it was brought up that N-Star and the construction company will be bringing the main power lines to the new building next week.

Starting this coming Monday September 17th Tiger Drive will be closed between the High School and Fowler School as power poles and a buried main power trunk are installed.

Any person who normally drives through that section will not be able to (including parents and buses that make stops at the high school and then the Green Meadow or Fowler).  People who need to access buildings in this way will have to go back out to 117 and go to the other entrance at the other end of Tiger Drive.

It is currently scheduled to take 1 week to complete this work with Tiger Drive back to normal traffic flow on Monday September 24th.  

Thank you for advance for your consideration in this matter

Robert J. Gerardi, Jr., Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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