Friday, August 31, 2012

Hi Vin,

I am new to blogging technology as well.  Many other people probably have similar questions so it would be good for me to post the answers for them as well. 

Let me answer your questions and concerns as follows:

1. I am curious about the Teachers' Professional Development Days and the type of seminars and activities that are conduced. 

Each year the professional development is aligned to the District Improvement Plans (except when we have important state legislated requirements which override the District Improvement Plans as we did this year).

I just wrote an article that will be published in next Thursday's Beacon Villager.  That article will explain a little more about the content and quality of presenters for the recent professional development days.  The short answer is that most of our professional development this year will be on the legislatively mandated new educator evaluation system.  We are proud that the Maynard Public Schools is one of twenty five districts in Massachusetts that have an agreement to start this year.

2.  Are there programs for all staff members on these days?

Professional development obligations and expectations are spelled out differently in the different contracts,  For the most part teachers and administrators attend all of the same professional development.  Paraprofessionals attend some of the same professional development as Administrators and Teachers but not all of the same activities. 

There are also times when it is appropriate for different groups of teachers to receive different types of training based on the Districts Improvement Plans.  During those years, there may be many different activities going on during one professional development day.

3. Is attendance mandatory?

These two days are mandatory for all teachers.  There are some exceptions for Administrators and Paraprofessionals.

4. Is there an accounting available to the public of those who attend and those who - were scheduled - but did not attend? 

There is definitely an accounting of those who attend and those who don't.  We don't find this to be a problem and the rare occasions when someone doesn't attend is when they are very ill.  Often it is an inconvenience for them to makeup the training they missed.  We do not make personnel information available to the public because of confidentiality reasons.

I hope that this information was helpful and please feel free to email or call me at any time.

Bob Gerardi


  1. Hi Dr. Gerardi:

    I wanted you to know that the first few days of school and busing went very well.

    We had only one stop that was missed at Fowler and has since been corrected.

    The new Bus #5 is full with all the students that were on the wait list.

    We are off to a good start!


  2. Hi Colleen,

    This is great news. I am sure the smooth start is a result of your years of experience developing the Maynard school department transportation system.

    Transportation is such a challenge that most school districts experience many more problems in the first week or two.

    This is another example of the superior school system in Maynard.

    Bob Gerardi